About us

Petrol Storage Broker LTD is an independent brokerage in finding worldwide terminal storage for suppliers and producers of liquid bulk petrochemicals and Biofuels. Customers worldwide, using Petrol Storage Broker as their broker in finding competitive and strategic storage.

Petrol Storage Broker is using two main brokerages:

No cure, no pay brokerage:


In most of our brokerages we are working on a no cure, no pay agreement for storage terminals all over the world.  Our portfolio contains a large number of suppliers of petrochemical products searching for storage on a long term or short term base. Our service between the storage terminals and the suppliers is complete from the beginning to the end. Our brokerage is taking care of finding the best storage facilities, making up the storage contracts, collecting the security of payments until the payment of the storage.


Exclusive brokerage:


In several cases we are the brokerage partner exclusively for the storage facility. Especially for those facilities who are expanding their volume in the near future. Our acquisition is based on signing up pre storage contracts in the wide range of petrochemical products. These brokerages are tailor made and specified on the long term capacity wishes of our clients.

With other words, we are taking care of the acquisition, using our suppliers portfolio or finding new business partners.