Zero Measurement

The liquid bulk storage terminal industry has become a growing market and will be growing the next upcoming years. Nevertheless, the competition among terminals has been growing also, despite of the fact that the global demand for storage is still bigger than there is storage available.

Worldwide, many companies are expanding their capacities and new players on the international market have a surprisingly well chosen marketing and sales structures and a very high standard operational attitude based on high service levels, which are new in this industry, but highly appreciated by the customers.

We always say: Every terminal looks the same, but the difference is on the inside!

Every company in every industry is falling into so called “company blindness”. Nothing to be a shamed at, it happens. But how to anticipate to reduce this company damaging virus? We have developed a special program for all types of liquid bulk terminal companies in identifying where in the company the “company blindness” occurs.

You can see this program as a “zero” measurement of your terminal location(s). An horizontal and vertical inventory of the terminal, its organization, its communication, its reputation and its current position in the market will be presented to you in a confidential report with all kinds of recommendations how to improve your company’s strategic position or maintain and upgrade the advantages your organization has towards your competitors.

We have proven that terminals have increased their profits as well as generating new types of income after our “zero” measurement.

As independent storage brokerage, connecting terminals with suppliers and vice versa we must stay confidential, discrete and reliable at any time. All the information of the inventory, report and recommendations will be handled by us with the outmost secrecy and confidentiality.